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  • Confidential, exclusive use test facility

  • Designed to FIA International best practice for motorsport safety Grade 3 requirements

  • Features 18 different permutations, with a 750m straight and the longest layout 2.53km, all the in the anti-clockwise direction and 8m wide

  • Low friction steady state cornering pad with an overall diameter 70m

  • Variety of low and high speed corners and more than 13m elevation change to challenge driver and vehicle capability

  • 13 telemetry points and 2 speed traps

  • Suitable for truck and other large vehicle testing

  • Suitable for electric vehicles, with fast charging points available in the workshops

  • Main track surface is 10mm 40/60 SMA with a skid resistance PSV of 55

  • The steady state low-friction circle surface is SMA6 surf PMB with 6mm rounded siliceous gravel

Track control, communication and options for telemetry data, recovery, fire cover, medical and rescue units are available on request.

For more details on track facilities and other services, click here.


Veronica Boni

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