The development of the new Bentley Continental GT3 has been led with passion and innovation – in tandem with the recently-launched Continental GT road car.

The new racer utilises the mostly aluminium structure to deliver a much lighter, race-ready weight with even distribution ideal for the track.

The engine is a new development of the proven 4.0-litre Bentley twin-turbo V8, with a redesigned dry sump system and all-new intake and exhaust systems. New suspension and braking systems are also bespoke to the new Continental GT3.


Unrestricted power is in excess of 550 bhp, fuel consumption is improved, and despite reduced exhaust noise the sound is still unmistakably Bentley.

Highly optimised road car intercoolers provide optimum engine performance, and exterior aerodynamic surfaces – based on the sleekly refined lines of the road car – provide additional down force.



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