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M-Sport Academy | Myerscough 



Lancashire’s University Centre Myerscough recently strengthened its collaboration with M-Sport and their Rally Championship-winning team back in 2022, which aimed to enhance opportunities for students in the competitive world of motorsports. Aligned in goals, both Myerscough and M-Sport have been longstanding leaders in advancing the prospects of aspiring young individuals in the field.

In recent years, Myerscough students actively engaged with M-Sport's Cumbrian-based team, becoming integral parts of their FIA Junior World Rally Championship and MSA British Rally Championship teams. This hands-on experience provides students a practical insight into the workings of motorsports at the highest level.

Students enrolled in Motorsport Competition Car Technology and Motorsport Management and Logistics degrees will have the chance to engage in an apprenticeship-style training programme at M-Sport's cutting-edge facility during summer and half-term breaks. Access to M-Sport's Evaluation Centre further provides students the chance to witness the entire automotive technology process, from design to production, all on one specialised site.

This programme not only offers valuable experience but also provides selected students with the opportunity to attend certain Customer Programmes, becoming integral members of one of rallying’s most successful teams. Whether fascinated by rallying or motorsports in general, this opportunity allows immersion in transferable engineering skills applicable to various industries.

The multi-year programme involves visits to the M-Sport campus during half-term weeks and longer stints in the summer break. Each student will also undergo a personalised 1-on-1 reviews and complete an end-point skills assessments after each visit over the three years.

Year One exposes students to every department, providing two weeks per department during the extended summer placement. This introductory year allows students to explore various sections of the company, setting the foundation for subsequent years. Project weeks will also be introduced in Year One to emphasise teamwork.

Year Two offers students more departmental choice based on preferences from Year One, with three weeks per selected department. There will also be increased project weeks to understand the significance of teamwork in this developmental programme.

In Year Three, students finalise their top two department choices, spending five weeks per department along with two project weeks. Post-placement opportunities in Year Three include potential employment offers from M-Sport in the students' preferred departments.


Current Student Quotes

Molly Pate: 


“I’ve always had a passion for motorsport and since starting at Myerscough I’ve had opportunities to work on motorsport events in the UK and Germany. Along with joining the M-Sport UK Academy and having the chance to work at their base for the past two years, I now have been given a role in their assault on the upcoming British Rally Championship.”

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