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M-Sport Poland are proud to introduce the EcoBoost-powered Ford Fiesta Rally4 with grip, power and speed all at the centre of the car’s development. With improvements all round, the Fiesta Rally4 is the first car to be homologated to the FIA’s Rally4 regulations which are new for 2020. The latest two-wheel drive offering from M-Sport Poland brings more power from the Ford EcoBoost engine, improved gear ratios, better handling and a new aggressive appearance. The updates make the Fiesta Rally4 the most attractive and competitive package in its category; offering today’s young drivers the best opportunity to chase their dreams and become tomorrow’s rally super stars. The Fiesta Rally4 is M-Sport’s first car that is part of the FIA’s new Rally Pyramid and represents M-Sport’s commitment to fully align its “Ladder of Opportunity” with the FIA’s Rally Pyramid. Developed and built at M-Sport Poland’s base in Kraków, Poland, the Fiesta Rally4 is a result of the aggressive development of the already hugely popular and successful Fiesta R2. The Fiesta R2 delivered impressive performances in both international and national championships throughout 2019, including a dominant display in the Junior ERC3 Championship delivering four victories from five appearances. The impressive results saw huge demand for the Fiesta R2, in just over a year M-Sport Poland built and supplied 110 Fiesta R2 cars around the world. The award-winning 999cc turbocharged Ford EcoBoost engine has been optimised with increases in power and torque delivering 210 bhp and 315 Nm respectively. The 2020 Ford Fiesta Rally4 sees improved gear ratios and stronger driveshafts to better handle the delivery of the increased power and torque. The Rally4 category is an extremely competitive category seeing young stars of the future pushing cars to the absolute limit in search of glory through some of the harshest conditions rallying has to offer. Engine reliability and consistency is therefore paramount in such conditions, for engines to perform reliably additional cooling in extreme heat could be the difference between winning and losing. The Fiesta Rally4 cooling system will now benefit from the addition of bonnet vents which will improve cooling while giving the car a more aggressive appearance. A number of key aspects of the Fiesta Rally4 have been enhanced from its predecessor with particular attention to its handling characteristics, prompting improvements to the suspension and the use of a lighter exhaust. The increase in power and reductions in weight mean that the 2020 EcoBoost-powered Ford Fiesta Rally4 will have the best power to weight ratio in the RC4 class. The 2020 Ford Fiesta Rally4 and upgrade kits for existing 2019 Fiesta R2 cars will be available to order from 1st of April 2020. Maciej Woda, Board Member M-Sport Poland, said: “The new Ford Fiesta Rally4 is a very exciting car that we are looking forward to seeing in what I believe to be the most competitive category in rallying. The EcoBoost-powered Rally4 represents a comprehensive development of the highly successful 2019 Fiesta R2 which proved to be very popular throughout the 2019 season. The Fiesta R2’s popularity and success is in part a contributing factor to the fact M-Sport Poland have been able to turnaround such a wide variety of improvements in a relatively short space of time. This is thanks to the relationship and constant communication we maintained with our customers from the moment they took delivery of their cars. With so many cars distributed and kilometres covered, the engineering team at our base in Kraków was able to quickly identify a development strategy thanks to the constructive feedback received from a huge pool of drivers from a variety of backgrounds.” M-Sport Managing Director, Malcolm Wilson OBE, said: “The Ford Fiesta Rally4 will be our first competition car to fall in line with the FIA’s new Rally Pyramid – enhancing our own ‘Ladder of Opportunity’ whilst also underlining our commitment to the sport’s future stars. M-Sport and Ford have always been at the forefront when it comes to supporting all levels of the sport, and we’re constantly developing our product range to provide a cost-effective and competitive route from grass-root to top-level rallying. As the FIA’s new Rally Pyramid becomes more identifiable, we plan to have a car to represent every level – from access to performance and, for those who progress to the very top level, elite.”

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