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M-Sport Poland are instrumental in the support of young drivers, and the team are currently in the process of expanding their series of one-make championships with a proposed Trophy for the Ford Fiesta R1 in Germany.

Following a successful drive day hosted by the Armin Schwarz Driving Experience earlier this month, more than 70 potential crews had an opportunity to test drive both the all-new EcoBoost-powered Ford Fiesta R1 and R2.

The event provided a perfect opportunity for M-Sport and Schwarz to assess each car for the proposed programme; as well as gauging the expectations of the drivers with regards such a Trophy.

As the first rung on Ford’s, ‘Ladder of Opportunity’ the Fiesta R1 was selected as the ideal choice when it comes to finding and fostering Germany’s future rally talent.

Homologated to FIA standards, the Fiesta R1 also shares the same DNA as its R2 counterpart and can be easily upgraded when the time is right – making it the most versatile and cost-effective route for those starting their rallying careers.

Like similar programmes already in operation in Estonia, Italy, Finland and the United Kingdom the proposed Trophy would also offer young drivers a footstep onto the world stage with the overall champion securing a support package for the following year’s FIA Junior WRC Championship.

M-Sport Poland and Schwarz are currently in the process of gathering interest from prospective drivers and keen to speak with potential partners in order to secure the series – further details of which will be announced in the New Year.

M-Sport Poland Director, Maciej Woda, said:

“Germany has always been a great motorsport market and we’re keen to discover the country’s most aspiring young drivers. We have similar programmes already operating in a number of other European markets, but this would be the first solely devoted to the Ford Fiesta R1 – and a great way to get young people involved in rallying.

“Our aim is to deliver a clear and cost-effective route for the world’s most talented young drivers to progress, and the eventual champion would receive a support package for the FIA Junior WRC Championship the following year. We want to give young drivers a footstep onto the world stage, and it would be great to see this first step introduced in Germany.

“We’re currently speaking with prospective drivers and partners to secure the series, and I look forward to announcing further details in the New Year.”

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