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VP Racing Fuels, Inc., an innovator in fuel technology for all types of engines, is proud to announce the upcoming release of their newest rally fuel, VP R5.1. “VP is an official sponsor and fuel development partner of M-Sport,” said Freddie Turza, VP’s Technical Manager. “We’ve engineered fuels with them already, and just as the new Ford Fiesta R5 is their latest in rally car development, our new R5.1 fuel is a real performer and is expected to debut in the car in July and be available around the world shortly after that.” New VP R5.1 is fully legal and compliant with all current and future (2021) FIA regulations regarding fuel and is suitable for smaller engine turbo competition cars, including, but not limited to, the R5 class. VP’s rally fuels are tested not just on the dyno but get to stretch their legs in the open on Smooth Tarmac, rough Tarmac, hot gravel, and loose gravel by seasoned test drivers and rally winners in search of optimum speed, reliability, and performance. All M-Sport R5 Fiestas leaving the factory will be mapped to and first filled with 50 litres of VP R5.1. “The Ford Fiesta R5 is our most successful global rally car, and we’ve continued our successful partnership with VP Racing Fuels in the design and development of the brand-new car,” said M-Sport Managing Director, Malcolm Wilson OBE. “We’re extremely proud of this project and have worked hard to push every element in search of optimum performance and reliability. VP Racing Fuels have had the same mentality when it comes to engineering, and I’m confident that we’ve both taken a significant step forward.” For more information about VP and its products for racers, enthusiasts, and general consumers visit

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