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Alberto Heller (3rd WRC 2 / RC2) said:

Despite a late scare with a clutch problem on the final road section of the day, Alberto Heller’s Ford Fiesta R5 holds third place in WRC 2.

“We are in third place and I was really happy with the afternoon stages. In Ortega [SS6] we made a really good time. And it was also not so bad in El Chocolate second time around [SS5]. On the road section back to service we had a problem with the clutch and it was really difficult. I wasn’t sure if we would make it back, but we did.”

Lukasz Pieniazek (1st WRC 2 Pro / 6th RC2):

Lukasz Pieniazek had been running third in class before hitting a rock on SS6 which caused damaged to the front-left suspension of his Ford Fiesta R5.

“It’s not been the best day for us. We were struggling a bit with the high temperatures and the stages were very slippery. On SS6 I was too fast into a corner and hit a rock. We damaged the suspension and had to retire. For sure we will be back tomorrow and I’ll focus on getting more knowledge of the stages and more experience here in Mexico.”

Pedro Heller (4th WRC 2 / 7th RC2):

Pedro Heller damaged the front-left driveshaft and broke the steering arm of his Ford Fiesta R5 on SS5. Making a temporary fix to the steering arm, the Chilean’s perseverance saw him complete the day.

“I’m happy to be here at the end of the day! In El Chocolate [SS5] we had a spin and hit the front-left wheel with open steering which damaged the driveshaft and the steering arm. We had to stop and find signal to call the engineers. Speaking with the team we were able to fix the steering, but we were left with a rear-wheel drive car to finish the day.”

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