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Gus Greensmith said:

“It’s been a tough day to be honest. This morning wasn’t good, but it wasn’t terrible. In the sections where we had high-speed corners we were bang on the pace. But where we had medium-to-slow speed corners I just didn’t feel that I had the grip and we lost time.

“When the conditions worsened this afternoon I took two spares but that upset the balance of the car and I was struggling quite a lot with the rear. Then under braking, we must have clipped some slush and unfortunately got stuck on top of the snow!

“We lost about two minutes there and fell down to third in WRC 2 Pro and 13th in class. To be fair it doesn’t look too bad in WRC 2 Pro, but I want the pace to be better so we need to keep working.”

Lukasz Pieniazek said:

“Everything was going quite well. We felt comfortable with the car and weren’t pushing too much, but then we lost the line in a narrow, high-speed section of the forest.

“It was my mistake. I went too hard on the brakes and we hit the snowbank. With the high-speed, we spun and couldn’t save the situation – hitting a tree which made it impossible to continue.

“Tomorrow we need to get back out there for the experience. There is nothing more to lose so I will give it a good push when I feel comfortable and keep trying to improve.”

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