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Lukasz Pieniazek said:

“It was quite a difficult weekend for us. We got a puncture on the very first stage and I wasn’t 100 percent confident with the car. Then in the last stage yesterday afternoon I had too much information in my notes. I get the information about the gravel on the road too late and I was already turning into the corner which put us into the concrete. So not the best weekend, but our rival also made mistakes which gave us the full 25 points. We’ll take that, and will try to improve on the next events.”

‘Pedro’ said:

“It’s been a really fantastic weekend. The Fiesta R5 is easy to drive, and also very strong and very fast. It’s a great car for young people who want to win, but also for people like me who just want to participate in the rally and enjoy the experience. We finished in a good position and thanks to M-Sport for everything. Now I’m really looking forward to our next events together.”

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