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Concerns were raised by treatment providers about FOBTs and the relationship between FOBTs and problem gambling, as early as 2003 However, it took until October 2017 for the DCMS to announce a range of proposals to strengthen protections around gambling, including lowering the maximum stake on FOBTs to between £50 and £2.126 Following a public consultation127 on the appropriate level of the new stake limits, the DCMS announced in May 2018 that the maximum stake would be lowered to £2.128

In October 2018, the Budget report129 stated that the reduced stake would come into effect from October 2019, and the then Chancellor of the Exchequer told the Commons Treasury Select Committee that the Government had to implement the new stake “in a way that is balanced and fair and allows for an orderly transition”.

However, amendments to the Finance (No. 3) Bill to bring the implementation date forward to April 2019 attracted cross-party support. 123. In December 2018, the Gaming Machine (Miscellaneous Amendments and Revocation) Regulations 2018130 were approved by both Houses, and on 1 April 2019 the Regulations came into force and reduced the maximum stake on a single bet to £2.


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