Following hot on the heels of the highly successful Ford Fiesta R2, the Ford Fiesta R1 is aimed at those who are just starting out on their rally career – offering individuals an introduction to rallying at an affordable level.

Homologated to R1 specification, the base-level conversion kit offers all of the same personal safety and underbody protection as the Fiesta R2, but uses standard engine and transmission components to comply with international R1 regulations.

The various MS1 kits on offer provide competitors with the option of upgrading their Fiesta, piece by piece – adding performance enhancers as local regulations allow – before graduating to the next level.

The arrival of the Fiesta R1 meant that Ford and M-Sport could offer a complete ‘Ladder of Opportunity’ which allows competitors to graduate from national to international rallying with the Blue Oval – optimising the brand throughout their long and successful careers.


Click here to download the Ford Fiesta R1 sales information pack.

Click here to download the Ford Fiesta MS1 sales information pack.