Mikko Hirvonen (4th) said:

"In the first stage [SS17] I had so many moments in the first five kilometres – three or four times we were nearly off the road. That first split was actually a really good time, but I didn't want to risk not finishing the rally. Once you slow down here you lose so much time that it is impossible to keep up with the guys with a good rhythm.

"We saw yesterday that the second pass was really rough so we'll make the set-up a little stiffer in service to help deal with that. Other than that, the car is working well so there is no need to make any dramatic changes."

Elfyn Evans (9th) said:

"The morning was OK, we were just trying to learn more again. The conditions were quite varied with lots of grip in some places and then nothing in the next so it was quite challenging. I wouldn't say that I feel confident quite yet. There are still a lot of areas to improve, but for now I think we are doing OK."



Ott Tanak (5th) said:

"It was another tricky morning with some really changeable conditions. I wasn't completely confident in the car with understeer in some places and oversteer in others. We also had a spin on the third stage [SS19] which cost us some time. I'm sure as we see more gravel through this afternoon we will be able to pick up the pace."

Henning Solberg (6th) said:

"It's really difficult out there – almost impossible to push! But I have more than 20 years [experience] in the snow so I know how to handle it. I think we have done a good job. To come here after 12 months away and match the times of the world champion is not bad at all."

Pontus Tidemand (8th) said:

"I'm not so happy with the morning to be honest. I'm not comfortable with the set-up in these conditions. I don't fully trust the car to stay in the lines which means that I can't attack. These stages are so fast that you need to really commit – I can't do that at the moment so I'm losing a lot of time. I don't feel any pressure, so hopefully it will get a bit better this afternoon."

Robert Kubica (28th) said:

"We had another moment on the last stage [SS20]. It was my mistake from the recce – I didn't mark that the corner was tightening as much as it was and when I turned in on the inside line there was quite a lot of understeer. We got dragged into another snow bank and lost a lot of time.

"We'll fix the car in service, and I don't think the conditions can get any worse than what I had as the first car on the road this morning! For sure the conditions will be better so I hope we can continue to learn and make some improvements."