Sébastien Ogier (3rd) said:

“At the moment, we’re not able to produce the speed we would like. The driving doesn’t feel too bad, but there’s clearly more speed to be found in the stages. We’ll have a good look at the set-up over lunch, and hopefully we can have a better feeling with more confidence this afternoon.”

Ott Tänak (Rally 2 / 20th) said:

“On the opening stage we had a little issue with the engine. We changed everything that we had with us on the road section, but we weren’t able to fix it completely. When we were on full throttle it wasn’t too bad, but on bumpy roads like this it is difficult to be on full throttle all the time!

“Luckily we made it back to service and I am sure that the guys will be able to fix it for the second pass. The stages today are very challenging, especially the first one, and very dirty and tricky in the forest – it’s a proper Corsica challenge!”

Teemu Suninen (2nd WRC2) said:

“I think it’s been a really good morning for us. I have been happy with my driving and we made another big improvement from yesterday. This afternoon, the plan will be to keep improving whilst maintaining what is a strong position at the moment.”

Pierre-Louis Loubet (6th WRC2) said:

“It was a good morning for us and we had a good drive through the stage that we drove competitively. The car is working well and we’re growing in confidence all the time. It’s cool, and we took a lot of pleasure from this morning.”

Éric Camilli (Rally 2 / 9th WRC2) said:

“The first stage was cancelled after about five kilometres so we just had to drive through it as a road section. I’ve done a lot of work on this stage so hopefully we can set a good time there this afternoon. For the second stage, we just drove through it as normal without taking any risks. Let’s see what we can do this afternoon. After the disappointment yesterday, it would be nice to set a fastest time.”