Ott Tänak (3rd) said:

“It’s been really tricky out there. In the open the grip isn’t too bad and you feel as though you’re going too slowly; but then in the next section you enter the forest and there is no grip whatsoever. It’s difficult to find the balance.

“I’m sure the conditions are getting worse and worse so we need to try and make the best out of where we are at the moment. But it won’t get any easier – that is for sure!”

Sébastien Ogier (4th) said:

“It’s very close between the four leaders of the championship and it looks as though there will be a big fight throughout the weekend.

“In these conditions it’s hard to know where the limit is all of the time. Actually I didn’t have any moments all morning so maybe I was driving a little too safe, but it is a case of managing the risk and I think that will continue this afternoon.

“It’s possible that the conditions will be even more challenging on the second pass. For sure there will be more ruts, and we will probably have even less grip than this morning.”

Elfyn Evans (9th) said:

“It’s really tough out there. I’d say that it’s the inconsistency in the grip levels as opposed to the overall grip levels that is making it so tricky.

“There are certain section where the surface is like a yellow sand, and the grip is actually okay. But then you go straight onto some other sections and it’s like driving a sledge!”