Ott Tänak (2nd) said:

“Generally, I would say that the morning has been quite good for us. There was a lot of dust in the first stage [SS10] which was really tricky and we had to be a bit brave in a couple of places.

“The long stages [SS11 and SS12] are pretty tough – really rough with lots of changes in character. We had a good run this morning, but they’re going to be even more challenging this afternoon.

“We didn’t have the best feeling with the balance of the car during the second loop yesterday, but we have some ideas of how to improve that today.

“We’ll try to stay smart – you have to on an event like this – but there’s also no doubt that we want to enjoy a good battle with Hayden [Paddon].”

Sébastien Ogier (7th) said:

“I’ve been happy with my drive but we were struggling for traction in some places. We’ll take a look in service and maybe we need to try something different this afternoon.

“We’d made up a place in the standings, but picked up a puncture on the last stage of the loop [SS12]. I’m not sure how it happened, but we got it pretty early on. We drove for about 10 kilometres but then there was no option but to stop and change it.

“We lost some time and dropped back, but we need to keep focused and keep going as there is still a very long way to go.”

Elfyn Evans (Rally 2 / 30th) said:

“It was a shame to miss out on the kilometres yesterday, so now it’s important to get the mileage under our belts. This is one of the few hot rallies that we have so it’s important to collect as much data as possible.

“We’re trying to stay out of trouble, but when you’re driving with that hesitation it’s so easy to lose the time.”