Sébastien Ogier (1st) said:

“I’ve been really happy with my morning. The car is working well and we hope to continue like this until the end of the rally. We’ve been pushing, but the pace has been quite comfortable and I think we can be pleased with our morning’s work.

“It’s nice to be here in first position, but of course I’m sorry for Ott. He was going really well and setting some really good times. It’s a shame for the team, and for us as well as I think we could have had a really exciting battle.”

Ott Tänak (5th) said:

“We were having a really good morning and the car felt really good. We were pushing for sure, but also fairly comfortable at the pace we were setting. Unfortunately, we just had some understeer under braking [on SS12] and hit the bank on the outside.

“We damaged the suspension and lost the brakes which made it pretty difficult through the closing kilometres and cost us a lot of time. But what can you do? We just have to pick ourselves up and focus on the next loop.

“We need to do the same job as we did this morning. Get everything fixed, make a good tyre choice, get back into the same rhythm, and see what we can do.”

Elfyn Evans (7th) said:

“We had a fairly good run through the first stage [SS10]. After that, let’s just say that it didn’t quite go to plan.

“After a hairpin-right [on SS11], I ran slightly wide and had to take avoiding action for a rock on the side of the road. We then missed the next corner and are actually pretty lucky to still be here!

“We picked up a puncture and broke the damper. After that, it was just a case of managing everything through the last stage [of the loop, SS12] and making it back to service.”