Hiab joined the team in 2004. Over the past 13 years, their support has been essential when it comes to building and dismantling our service park structure. From the frozen landscapes of Rally Sweden to the heat of Rally Italia Sardegna, the show simply wouldn’t go on without Hiab’s vital support.

Celebrating their 70th anniversary this year, Hiab was founded on what is considered one of the great ideas in modern industry. Seven decades ago, Swedish ski manufacturer Eric Sundin was struggling to get the heavy timber he needed from the woods into his ski factory. The Hiab Method he developed not only solved this challenge, but also sparked a revolution in load handling that continues to this day.

Sundin, who co-founded Hiab in 1944, found a way to transfer the hydraulic momentum from a truck engine into a lifting motion. This Hiab Method has now been applied in over a half-million loader cranes and is used daily by crane operators in more than 100 countries worldwide.

What remains unchanged is the drive to meet real needs, whether they be high demands on speed and precision or the need for superior flexibility and the means to withstand the toughest working environments.

Sundin was his own first customer, and Hiab still works with customer-driven product development. The combination of accumulated knowledge, leading technology and the world's most comprehensive network of sales, services and support makes Hiab a complete answer for any load handling application.

Helping with the heavy lifting

Hiab supplied M-Sport with their first mounted forklift in 2004 and have since proven invaluable to the set-up team who construct our service area.

In 2011, they supplied a 100 ton crane used to construct our impressive hospitality unit – fondly nicknamed ‘Terminal 5’ due to its striking resemblance to what was Heathrow Airport’s newest edition.

‘Terminal 5’ arrived at each event on seven 13.6 metre trailers which had to be lifted on top of one another to form a two-story structure. Without the assistance of Hiab, the construction of this impressive façade would not have been possible.

Today, Hiab continue to assist the team with four truck-mounted forklifts that play a key role in the service park environment.

A moment to remember from Hiab’s John Bailey

“We feel honoured to be a part of the M-Sport family. Win or lose they are all great memories and, as a partner, we are treated as a true member of the team.

“The most important thing for us however is that we employ over 2,800 personnel and at least two-thirds of them are all devoted rally fans. Albeit in a small way, they all feel part of the team and we love that. During and after each event, our internal communications and social media platforms are alive with questions about how our team has performed.

“To Hiab, this is a perfect partnership.”