Éric Camilli (3rd WRC 2) said:

“We set some good times today – and one which was very, very good ahead of a lot of world rally cars – so I am very happy with the day.

“Honestly, I did not sleep so well last night. We had a problem with the clutch yesterday evening and I was sure that I was going to get a lot of penalties today as it is such a difficult thing to change in a 15 minute service.

“In the end we decided not to change it in the morning and even though it was difficult it was definitely the right decision as we only lost 30 seconds and now we are in third and 19 seconds off the lead.

“The mechanics did an awesome job and I am really thankful to them because this afternoon the car was perfect! The speed is there but we want to win, so we will do our maximum until the end of the rally.”

Teemu Suninen (4th WRC 2) said:

“I was surprised that the conditions were as difficult as they were – especially in the second loop – but I think I have improved the driving quite a lot and can be happy with the day. The target was to be in the top three or four. That’s where we are at the moment but for sure I want to improve some more tomorrow.”

Pierre-Louis Loubet (6th WRC 2) said:

“This morning we didn’t have the perfect set-up but we found a good solution this afternoon and it was much better. I made a couple of little mistakes and lost about 10 seconds but it was okay and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”

Gus Greensmith (7th WRC 2) said:

“Today was a learning day. We had a problem this morning, but we managed to get that fixed. I’d say it’s been an okay day. My driving was okay, but in the afternoon the conditions were just a bit treacherous and I wanted to make sure that we got the car back so that I can continue learning tomorrow.

“For my first time with an R5 car on Tarmac, I don’t think my times have been too bad and I’ve been quite happy. Now, the aim will be to keep cutting the gap to Éric and Teemu and hopefully by tomorrow afternoon or Sunday we’ll be able to challenge with them.”



Jon Armstrong:

Jon Armstrong went off the road on SS6 and damaged the rear-right corner nine kilometres into the stage. The Northern Irishman will restart under Rally 2 regulations tomorrow.