Teemu Suninen (1st WRC 2 / 1st in class) said:

“This has been a really good weekend for us and I think we have made a big improvement on Tarmac. We’ve had good pace on both surfaces and I think I can be really happy with the rally and what we have done.”

Pierre-Louis Loubet (4th in class) said:

“It was a nice rally for us without any mistakes. We had a slow puncture on the first day but after that we had a good rally. Now, we have to take everything we learnt from this weekend and improve to be faster next year. But overall, I took a lot of pleasure from this weekend.”

Éric Camilli (8th in class) said:

“Sometimes luck just isn’t on your side and that was the case for us today. We had a broken front-right driveshaft on the road section and we had to drive slowly through all of today’s stages.

“It’s like that sometimes and we need to remember that it was still a very positive weekend for us. We had good pace on both surfaces and made a big difference on the gravel which gave us a good lead. The most important thing is that the performance was good and that is what I will remember.”

Jon Armstrong (9th WRC 2 / 13th in class) said:

“The temperatures have been pretty high this weekend so we struggled a bit with some tyre wear on the gravel. On the Tarmac we had a good enough run – just some spins and overshoots of my own making.

“I felt like we were pushing just as hard as we were in Germany but just couldn’t get the same feeling or balance with the car so there’s some work to do there. But we’re here in one bit and the car is looking good so we’re happy enough with that on what was only our second time in an R5 car.”

Gus Greensmith (13th WRC 2 / 19th in class) said:

“Friday was my mistake, but Saturday was fine. We decided to just drive and get experience of the stages and the car felt really good as well. We set some okay times at the end of the day, but we weren’t really pushing and that wasn’t what we were here for to do.

“Today, the first two stages were okay, but then we had a broken right-rear driveshaft. We tried to bodge it but had to drive through the last four stages with the problem. But okay, it’s not all bad, and we’ve picked up a lot of kilometres on Tarmac which will be useful for the future.”